Introducing eco-friendly electric boats for charter and sale with Yacht Hampton Marina.

Electric Boats | Sustainable Boating | Eco-Friendly Yachts

Let's change the way we do boating. 

Yacht Hampton Boating Club & Marina is leading the way in environmental boating in New York. Now the distributor for two electric boat brands, Rand and Vision Marine. Proud to be partnering with these powerhouses on their mission to create an eco-friendly mindset in yachting and designing boats that have a drive for change towards sustainability.

Join the movement and charter one of our electric boats that contribute to eco-friendly boating by reducing environmental impact. Explore the 27' Rand Supreme Electric, 22' 2025 Yacht Hampton Electric, and 18' 2025 Volt Electric with more to come next season. The future of sustainable boating is here.

Electric Boats | Sustainable Boating | Eco-Friendly Yachts

Why go electric?

⚡ Electric engines are cheaper over time.

⚡ Zero noise or smell.

⚡ No chance of water pollution.

⚡ Sustainable technology.

⚡ Minimal maintenance - less time on the dock, more time on the water.

⚡ Future-proof yourself - several countries are starting to ban petrol boats.

⚡ Enjoy boating with minimal impact on the environment.

Electric Boats | Sustainable Boating | Eco-Friendly Yachts

27' Rand Supreme Electric

The Supreme 27 harmoniously combines elegance, functionality, and sustainability, offering luxury enthusiasts the perfect blend for ocean explorations and water sports. Accommodating up to 12 guests with ample seating and entertainment options, guests will be surrounded by luxury in this sleek Danish design. Not only does its striking appearance capture attention, but its eco-friendly inboard electric propulsion system and construction from recycled materials and sustainable wood underscore its commitment to the environment, using only half the materials of similar boats.

Electric Boats | Sustainable Boating | Eco-Friendly Yachts

22' 2025 Yacht Hampton Electric


The 22' 2025 Yacht Hampton Electric, with its iconic pink exterior and spacious deck, epitomizes modern luxury and eco-consciousness. Designed for serene Sag Harbor cruises, its electric propulsion ensures a quiet, smooth ride, minimizing carbon emissions and offering a sustainable choice for eco-friendly boating. Perfect for special occasions like surprise engagements or bachelorette parties, "Pop The Question" cruises at a leisurely 6mph, allowing guests to enjoy the coastline in style and comfort. This vessel combines elegant design, innovative technology, and environmental responsibility for a truly premium, relaxing experience.

Electric Boats | Sustainable Boating | Eco-Friendly Yachts

18' 2025 Volt Electric

The 18’ 2025 Volt Electric boat is a cutting-edge watercraft that combines innovative technology with sustainable energy solutions. With a focus on electric propulsion, the Volt 180 offers a clean and efficient alternative to traditional gasoline-powered boats. This model is designed to provide a smooth and quiet ride while minimizing environmental impact. Enjoy a comfortable, slow cruise under the optional sunshade.

Equipped with advanced features and a sleek design, the 18' 2025 Volt Electric boat represents a step forward in the evolution of eco-friendly marine transportation.

Electric Boats | Sustainable Boating | Eco-Friendly Yachts



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Electric Boats | Sustainable Boating | Eco-Friendly Yachts